Meet Nita

“I have no doubt that it was hard for mum to leave. She shouldn't have had to do it on her own, but, like so many women, she did.


For all the struggle that life of a single mother would bring, every day I was so grateful to be safe


It made me who I am today - tough, resilient and unwilling to accept that some Australians have to settle for less just because of where they were born or who their parents are.


One in five women in Australia has experienced family violence. Sadly, hospitalisation rates as a result of family violence are on the rise."

(Nita Green's First Speech, 31 July 2019)


Nita is fighting to make sure no matter where they are born, or who their parents are, every Australian gets a good education, a decent job and a safe home.

Nita was raised by her single Mum, who works as a nurse. Her father was a print worker and cab driver. When they left the family home due to domestic violence, Nita’s Mum packed shelves at night to make ends meet. It was a childhood that prepared Nita for a working life focussed on fighting for fairness and standing up for what is right. 

After working in hospitality and retail for many years, Nita studied at night so she could become a lawyer representing workers unfairly dismissed or harassed at work. Nita started getting active in politics because she feared inequality would get worse under a Liberal National Government. She was the Queensland Field Director for the marriage equality campaign and a campaign organiser for the Australian Manufacturing Worker's Union.