Nita in the Senate


"When I leave this place I want to be able to say that Queensland has more apprentices and job opportunities for young people; has better schools, hospitals and aged-care facilities; has better roads, ports and major infrastructure; has a booming tourism industry; and is equipped to make the most out of the industries of the future.


I believe that these are things that we can all  work on together. We know there needs to be more money spent on big infrastructure and shovels in the ground now,  in order to grow

regional Queensland.


But right now all we've got is a lot of promises."


Nita was elected to the Senate in 2019 and lives in Far North Queensland with her wife Lacey.

Nita is committed to standing up for the interests of Regional Queenslanders. She has been campaigning to get more apprentices in regional areas, lower the cost of insurance in North Queensland, increase investment in regional manufacturing and build more social housing.

Most importantly Nita wants young Queenslanders to have a say on the future of our country and our State. Your vote matters. Your voice needs to be heard. If you haven’t registered to vote we can show you how.

Through work on Senate Committees and during Senate Estimates, Nita has been able to hold the Government to account about their rorts and broken promises.

Nita is a member of Senate Committees including Environment and Communications, Rural Regional Affairs and TransportLegal and Constitutional Affairs and Administration of Sports Grants.



Why the Senate matters